Environmental Services

Fenchurch Michelson is a leading provider of environmental and social consulting services, we provide robust, innovative and practical advice to the Energy and other Sectors through: design; construction, installation; and commissioning. We provide environment consultancy services spanning various sectors, including offshore and onshore oil and gas, LNG, up to populated remote and environmentally sensitive areas.

We fuse specialist engineering expertise, environmental science know-how, and stakeholder engagement; we provide a fully rounded support service. We apply our specialist knowledge of industry and experience of local and regional regulations; ecological and social sensitivities; engineering processes, operations and project economics, allows us to advice on measures needed to offset potentially adverse environmental and social impacts positioning Fenchurch Michelson as the go to consultant with our Clients.

We participate in projects starting from business case through to conception and execution; we offer a completely unique range of services including:

  • EIA
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Permits and Licensing Support
  • Environmental Consent Roadmaps
  • Lender Reporting to Equator Principles
  • Habitats and Marine Assessment
  • Environmental Modelling
  • Environmental Due Diligence, Inspections and Audits
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Local Content Assessments and Planning

Fenchurch Michelson is able to predict environmental impacts through modelling. We can provide services in the areas of:

  • Oil spills [OSCAR]
  • Air dispersion of pollutants
  • Noise propagation
  • Underwater sound
  • Thermal plumes in marine environments
  • Produced water discharge modelling
  • Underwater drill cuttings and particle dispersion
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