Pipeline Engineering

Pipeline Engineering is the bedrock of our work at Fenchurch Michelson. Pipeline systems are the interconnectors between many offshore and onshore facilities. The practicality of many projects is dependent on the pipelines, and as such, it significantly impacts on the feasibility and practicality of the project.

Fenchurch Michelson has extensive experience in the design and management of complex pipeline systems.

The pipeline work undertaken by Fenchurch Michelson covers all design engineering phases and can be subdivided into the following: Appraise phase
  • Initial concept evaluation
  • New and innovative technologies
Select Option
  • Preliminary Mechanical Design (Wall thickness, stability, coatings), materials
  • Preliminary routing
  • More detailed Mechanical Design (Wall thickness, buckle arrestors, stability, spanning, buckle screening, coatings)
  • Prepare ITB package
Execution Phase 
  • Firm up Mechanical design
  • Perform installation analysis
Commissioning and Start up support 
  • Review Method Statement
  • Approve commissioning specification
  • Perform Mechanical completion and Commissioning
Within Fenchurch Michelson the pipelines department capabilities encompass cutting edge experience required to execute challenging and complex pipeline projects. The level of work required is dependent on the phase of the project, i.e concept or feasibility selection through to detailed engineering and the environment (onshore or offshore) and the fluid type. With our experience and depending on the phase of the project we carry out the following
  • Pipeline route selection (ArcGis model)
  • Pipeline sizing, wall thickness
  • Stability analysis (weight coating and/or trenching)
  • Bottom roughness assessment including spanning analysis
  • Material Selection and Specifications
  • Tie-in design (Onshore, risers and subsea facilities)
  • Landfall design
  • Cathodic Protection Design
  • Freespan Design
  • Bottom Roughness
  • Buckling assessment
  • Geohazard Analysis
  • Risk study
  • Spool Piece Design
  • Lateral Buckling Design, Mitigation and Operation
  • Upheaval Buckling Design and Mitigation
  • Pipe Walking Design, Operation and Mitigation
  • Conventional Steel Risers
  • Landfall Design
  • Bulkhead Design
  • J-lay Installation analysis
  • Buckle Arrestor Design
  • Slugging Design (Flow Assurance)
  • Engineering Criticality Assessment (ECA)
  • Reliability
  • Specification Preparation
  • MTO and Requisition
  • Cost Estimation
  • Pipeline installation analysis
  • Pipeline Alignment sheet drawing
  • Installation and constructability Report
Fenchurch Michelson assists International Oil Companies, Independents, Marginal Field Operators, EPC or Installation Contractors in the development of EPC documentation such as:
  • Invitation to Bid (ITB) Documents
  • Materials, Fabrication and Constructability Report
  • Produce Mechanical Completion and Commissioning Specification
  • Develop or Review Method Statements, etc
  • Provide start-up support, etc
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